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What are the common milling cutters?

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The milling cutter is a multi-edged rotary tool, and the teeth are distributed on the cylindrical rotating surface or end surface. Most milling cutters have been standardized. Each tooth of the milling cutter can be regarded as a simple turning tool or planer. In order to meet the requirements of various milling tasks, the milling cutter also has many different materials, structures and shapes.

What are the common milling cutters?

1. Cylindrical milling cutter

Cylindrical milling cutters are provided with teeth on the circumferential surface, and are mainly used for plane milling on horizontal milling machines. According to the cloth S shape of the cutter teeth on the cylindrical surface of the cutter body, it can be divided into straight-tooth cylindrical milling cutters and spiral-tooth cylindrical milling cutters. Because the blade streets of midges helical-tooth cylindrical milling cutters gradually cut into and out of the processing surface of the workpiece , So the work is relatively stable, the surface roughness of the milled workpiece is small, and the tool durability is also high. In the production, most of the helical tooth cylindrical milling cutters are used. When the helical tooth cylindrical milling cutter mills, the axial cutting force is relatively large. When installing the tool, the axial component force should be directed toward the milling machine spindle to prevent cutting vibration. The teeth of the straight-tooth cylindrical milling cutter cut into and away from the workpiece instantaneously during cutting, so the cutting force changes suddenly, the cutting vibration is large, and the processing quality is low, and it has been rarely used.

2. End mill

The cutter teeth of the end mill are arranged on the end face of the valve-shaped cutter body, which is suitable for processing planes on horizontal or vertical milling machines. During the processing, the shank of the end mill is short and has good rigidity. It is often used High-speed cutting, high productivity. Because its secondary cutting edge has a better polishing effect and can obtain a smaller surface roughness value, end milling cutters are mostly used in plane milling.

3. Disc slot milling cutter

Disc-shaped groove milling cutters can be divided into milling cutters, double-face milling cutters, three-face milling cutters and staggered tooth three-face milling cutters. There are cutting edges on the circumference of the two cutter bodies and the annular end faces on both sides. Slot milling cutters are mainly used on horizontal milling machines to process stepped surfaces and shallow grooves running through at both ends. Its circumferential cutting edge is responsible for the main cutting work, and the side cutting edge plays a role of smoothing.

There is also a very thin circular saw blade milling cutter, which only has a cutting edge on the circumference, which is used for cutting off and milling narrow grooves.

4. End mill

The cutter teeth of the end mill are arranged on the cylindrical surface and the end surface of the cylindrical cutter body. The cutter teeth are helical teeth. The cutting edge on the cylindrical surface is responsible for the main cutting work, and the end cutting edge only has a smoothing function. It can be used to process grooves that are not connected at both ends, stepped surfaces and simple forming surfaces.

5. Keyway milling cutter

The keyway milling cutter is mainly used to machine the keyway on the shaft. Its shape is similar to that of an end mill, but its end cutting edge can also be cut. It can be used for both radial feed and axial feed. The suitable diameter of the general keyway milling cutter corresponds to the width of the standard key.

6. Angle milling cutter

Angle milling cutters are mainly used for processing various angle grooves.

Others include forming milling cutters, T-slot milling cutters, crescent groove milling cutters, etc.



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