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Solid Carbide Triangle Twist Drills


Grade  ISO Code Chemical Composition(%) Physical Mechanical Properties (≥) Application
WC Co Density  g/cm3 Hardness(HRA) T.R.S N/mm2
YG3 K01 97 3 14.90  91.00  1180 Suitable for finishing of cast iron,non-ferrous metals,alloys and non-metallic materials,and semi-finishing vehicles for intermittent cutting.
YG6 K10 94 6 15.10  92.00  1420 Finishing of chilled hard alloy cast iron and heat resistant alloy steel and ordinary cast iron.
YG6X K20 94 6 15.10  91.00  1600 Cast iron, non-ferrous metals and alloys, non-metallic materials, medium to cutting, semi-finishing and finishing.
YG8 K20-K30 92 8 14.90  90.00  1600 Suitable for casting of cast iron, non-ferrous metals and their alloys and non-metallic materials, roughing of sections and rough cutting.
YG10 K40 90 10 14.70  89.00  1900 Suitable for the production of drawing dies, wear parts and stamping parts and cores for hard alloy automatic presses.
YG10X K40 89 10 14.70  89.50  2200 Suitable for small diameter micro drills, end mills, rotary boring tools, etc.
YG15 K30 85 15 14.70  87.00  2100 Forging, perforating and stamping tools for steel bars and steel tubes with high compression ratios and working under large stresses.
YG20 K30 80 20 13.70  85.50  2500 Stamping die, stamping watch parts, musical instrument spring piece.
YG20C K40 80 20 13.70  82.00  2200 punching battery case, toothpaste skin mold, small size steel ball, screw, nut stamping die, hot rolling twist drill bit plate.
YG30 G60 70 30 12.80  82.00  2750 Production of standard parts, bearings, tools and other industries for cold heading, cold punching, cold pressing die.
Company profile:
We are professional   tungsten carbide end mills, rods, and carbide blanks manufacturer with experience of more than 15 years. We start online sales in July 2020. The company has introduced dozens of internationally advanced CNC five-axis CNC tool grinders, and a variety of size and performance testing equipment, and has advanced PVD coating technology. Apart from the standard size tungsten carbide products, we can also produce the  non-standard size carbide  products  according to your required size or  drawing paper. All the products with ISO approved.
Gold Coating Carbide Milling Tool CNC Cutter
Gold Coating Carbide Milling Tool CNC Cutter
Gold Coating Carbide Milling Tool CNC Cutter
Gold Coating Carbide Milling Tool CNC Cutter
Gold Coating Carbide Milling Tool CNC Cutter
Gold Coating Carbide Milling Tool CNC Cutter

Factory production process:
Gold Coating Carbide Milling Tool CNC Cutter


Whether you know exactly what type of carbide end mill is required or need to discuss the options with an expert. we are here to help.

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