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Customize Carbide High Quality Milling Carbide Cutter End Mill
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Customize Carbide High Quality Milling Carbide Cutter End Mill

  • Shenzhen, China
  • 50000PCS/Month
  • T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal
  • Zhuzhou
  • 8207709000
  • Coating
  • Spiral Tooth
  • Sparse Tooth
  • Indexable Type
  • White Steel
  • Cylindrical Milling Cutter
☆Products Description
Micro grain raw material
Grain size: 0.4-0.6μm
Co 10%, 12%
TRS >3600 N/mm2
Hardness HRA 91.8-92.5
Work piece HRC45-50 HRC55-60 HRC65 HRC68
Helix angle 30°-45 °
Diameter of cutting edge 0.2-0.9 mm; 1-20 mm
Diameter of rods 4-20 mm
Length 50-100 mm
Cutting Form Flat, Square, Ball nose, Corner Radius, Taper Flute, etc
Flutes No. 1-

Products Features

1. Special Cutting Edge: Special cutting edge can increase the cutting ability. The lifetime of tools and machines will be longer
2. Smooth And Wide Flute: Smooth and wide flute will remove the cuttings more easily
3. Heat-resistant Coating: With highly heat-resistant HELICA coating, can be used for high-speed processing
4. Bronze Coating: Under bronze coating, any abrasion is easy to be recognized
5. High Quality Raw Material: The raw material is used of high toughness, grain-sized carbon tungsten
6. Polished Surface Treatment: With high polished surface treatment, reduce the friction coefficient could be reduced, the lathe efficiency could be improved, more production time could be saved

Main Technical Parameters:
1. The product has strong adaptability, and has good processing effect on steel, cast iron, titanium alloy and stainless steel.
2. Good wear resistance, service life is more than 2 times longer than similar products
3. Unique design of flute and spiral groove, low cutting resistance and high surface finishes of the workpiece