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Cemented Carbide Cnc Inserta WNMG
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Cemented Carbide Cnc Inserta WNMG





The special high-hardness substrate of gradient structure, combined with the thick TiCN and thick AL2O3 coating, greatly improves the wear resistance of the inserts. Applicable to steel finishing processing, Stable working conditions, and the pursuit of high wear-resistant occasions.
RVT1200  P15~P30
The substrate of good toughness and strength combined with the thick TiCN and thick Al2O3 coating makes the coating greatly improved in wear-resistance and looks good in appearance. It is suitable for various processing of steel.
RVT1300  P15~P30
 The high- toughness substrate is matched with TiCN and Al2O3 coatings of suitable thickness so that the material can still achieve
 both wear resistance and stability under strong impact conditions, which is suitable for rough processing of steel.
RVT8100 P15-P25 M15-M25
Ultra-fine particle base substrate, high wear resistance, fine edge  treatment, suitable for finishing processing and finishing boring
 of stainless steel.
RVT8200 K15-K25 P15~P25 M15~M25
The high-toughness substrate is matched with a suitable thickness of AlTiN coating to achieve both wear resistance and toughness. lt is suitable for many fields from general machining of stainless steel turning to mill.
RVT8280 P15-P30 M15-M30 K15-K30
The preferred grade for stainless turning, for semi-finishing and roughing under continuous, interrupted cutting conditions.

M15-M30 It is suitable for large depth of cut and large feed of turning of stainless steel under severe working conditions.
RVT3150  K15~K25
Thick Al2O3 + thick TiCN coating combined with the hard substrate,with advanced coating technology to ensure smooth coating surface, low friction coefficient,suitable for cast iron finishing processing
RVT3260  K15~K25
TiN + medium thickness Al2O3 + thick TiCN coating combined with the hard substrate,good resistance to spalling,suitable for continuous and interrupted turning of cast iron with toughness requirements.
RVT2100 K10~K20
It is suitable for the finishing of aluminum alloy and cast iron.
RVT2200 K15-K25 P15-P25 M15-M25
It is suitable for various processing of aluminum alloy turning to mill.
RVT6250 H10~H30
KT6250 is a PVD nano-coated ultra-fine grained carbide grade for turning hardened steel.
RVT6200 S15~S30
The substrate with excellent deformation resistance plus nano-coating,suitable for semi-finishing of hard-to-machine materials such as high-temperature alloys.
RVC5280 P10~P25 K10~K25 M10~M25
The grade for cermet turning, The combination of fine dispersed hard phase particles,binder phase strengthening, and annular phase  structure control makes it get good toughness,excellent red hardness , and crater wear resistance and is suitable for the
 finishing and semi-finishing of steel,cast iron , etc.

RVT1330 P20~P40
Special Grade for Deburr Turning Inserts
RVT3220 K20-K30 P10~P30
A tough substrate with TiN+Al2O3+TiCN coating for general processing of various materials.